Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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I still have a lot more to upload and I will try to get Karens photos put up also.
Ti from Sioux City sent stuff for me to make these up and we used them in the silent auction.
Everybody is watching the makeover as Sarah had never worn make up before.
Girls on the nature walk.
The horses
Amy did a quick demo of a squash book and gave it as a prize. Also showed how to stamp and ink the white twill to make your own custom ribbons to match your layouts. This class will be added to the calendar as they make wonderful inexpensive Christmas gifts.
They loved the water
Silent auction

Liz and Veronica made us all beautiful
Stacey and Mackayla

Movie Night in the top bunk.
Diva's in training. The sacks are for things they collect on their nature hike.
And they are off .....
Love that look on her face
These are the things Ruth brough back from her hike.

Wouldn't that make awesome scrapbook paper?

Save the boobie's, cupcakes
Lexie is such a doll
A whole lotta croppin going on.
And snackin'
Diva's in training

Liz had dance, excercise and cheerleading

classes for the girls while moms cropped away.

The girls made a haunted house out of the hallways (all by themselves)

there were bats hanging from the ceiling, spider webs, witches and much more.

They are all so creative just like their moms!!!

The girls showing off their new dance moves.


The girls had so much fun!
Liz did the ladies hair and Veronica did facials, hand treatments and Lip treatments.

What an awesome weekend!!!

Stacy, Kit, Amy and Karen


I will keep putting more up as time allows. You can click on it to make it full screen. There were a few people missing from the group photo. I cannot wait to scrapbook the pictures!!!

P.T. Diva's

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