Monday, October 6, 2008


Well we are all back from Scrap Pink and it was a lot of fun. My goal was to make people more knowledgeable about breast cancer and to raise money for breast cancer research. Even the young girls were taught about breast cancer by Liz and learned a fighting breast cancer cheer in their cheer leading class. Breast cancer affects almost 187,000 women in America just this year alone. If everyone helps fund research I believe they will find a cause and a cure. They need HEALTHY women for research also so if you have the time please volunteer for research studies.

Everyone wants to go back for Mothers Day which I will get working on in the next month. Our next crop is November 22 at Camp Calvin Crest in Fremont. I will get the photos uploaded tomorrow when I get to the store. We had a silent auction and donating that money to Scrap Pink also (breast cancer research). Thank you for all who who had big hearts and donated!

There were lots of pages completed and one lady was doing about 4 pages every hour as we gave them tickets each hour for the number of pages they completed. There were LOTS of prizes given out for breast cancer trivia questions, who had a mammogram in the last year and page layout contests which made it a lot of fun.

We let moms bring their daughters and they were all about Ruth's age and they had a BLAST!!! There were also adult mothers and daughters there. It was wonderful to see. Liz did classes with them aerobics, dance, cheer, crafts, a nature walk and movie night. She did an awesome job with them and even earned some tips. It was so nice of her to share her weekend with us.

We had a couple of kinks in the weekend which Karen had to go to the emergency room Saturday with stomach pains which everything turned out OK an she was back for Sunday afternoon which we were very thankful she was ok. She had just had surgery in the last year so we were very worried.

Thank you for all who participated in such a great cause!!!!

Stay tuned for pictures.........

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