Thursday, June 24, 2010


The lady who was doing the twisted wire rings has decided she did not want to do them for the store any more so we have to find someone else to make them as they are so popular. Chad and Tara have been making some and they are getting the swing of it. I like how they make them out of the smaller sterling silver wire as not everyone likes the big rings (I LOVE them!) I cannot wait to see what they come up with the bigger silver wire. We should be able to take orders again by August 1 when we get all the birthstones in stock, until then it is limited to stock on hand.
The clear stone one below is made of 100% sterling silver which I really like!

LOVE the mixture of silver and gold! Only 15.oo each on all the prototypes in the bottom two photos (more at the store)! Grab a huge bargain as normal price on rings is 32 and pendants are 24. HUGE SAVINGS!

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