Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well it is 2:00 am and I could have kept going but my daughter Ruth pooped out. I got tons done today and the classes were awesome! (of course) Thanks to Jan and Vicki who taught all the wonderful classes today. I LOVED the chipboard houses. We just got them in at the store and I had been wanting to make one. I am hooked. I even did another one for my sons graduation when I finished the class project.

It is snowing very hard here and I hope it does not amount to much as we head back to Omaha tomorrow. We had a great time and thanks to Kym, Sarah and Megan for joining us. Thank you also to Sarah and her design team for hosting this wonderful event.

Clock on any of the photos to enlarge:
After I got through with the class project chipboard house I made one for Pauls graduation. It will look nice at his Open House as a decoration.

Below is the class project we did in Vicki and Jans class. It was neat to see how different everyones came out. They are awesome teachers. We hope to have them back to our store teaching again soon. (

Photos are of my parents. The baby in the window is me. :)

Below is two of the pages we did in Vicki and Jans layout class. I loved the clear acrylic flowers mixed with the felt flowers.

Below is one of the classes we did Friday taught by Sarah Mabin. The girl in the photos is my sons girlfriend Kaela.

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