Saturday, February 23, 2008


We had such a fun drive to Kansas City. We stopped in Hamburg Iowa and went to this cute Soda Fountain in the middle of a drug store that was like stepping back in time. The prices were like stepping back in time also. They gave us the cutest little pill box that I did not even know they made any more. When I was a kid I used them as barbie suitcases. hee hee

We then had a game where we would stop at antique stores and we had 15 minutes to find things to scrapbook with. It was a blast! We tried to hunt down a scrapbook store in St. Joseph Missouri but it must have gone out of business.

We did two, 2-page layout classes tonight. The goody bags were awesome! There were make and takes and dinner from K.C. Masterpiece (yum). Of course lots of chocolate. The company that held the event was Paper Pixie and as you can see their "mascot" fluttered around all night. She was adorable! It is now about 1 am and I was one of the first people to head up to bed as I was up at 6 and tired from driving. They are all going to try to go all night and I am going to try an all nighter tomorrow night. Vicki and her sister Jan showed up about 11:00 and we all just sat and talked. (I never get anything done on Friday nights of a three day crop as I have to get all my chatting out of the way before I can start my serious cropping. hee hee)

Nighty night!

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