Saturday, February 23, 2008


We were up at 7 am (not willingly) hee hee Back at cropping and classes started abut 2:30. We did a layout classes and waiting for the next class which is the new chipboard houses. I am excited about that one as we just got a bunch of them in from the CHA show. I will put photos on of all our projects later tonight or in the morning.

Kym, Sarah and Megan who came up here with our group have been cranking out pages. Sarah was using the Cricut inks. I really like how they look. She runs them through once with inks and then once to cut and it nicely borders all of her letters.

I am on a roll getting my son Pauls albums done as he graduates this year. They always say with scrapbooking to start where you are now and catch up and then go back. Well I have never caught up and here he is almost 19 and I am going back and doing his baby book. It is terrible how the memory fails you at my age. I should have done those years when I could remember all of them. hahahaha

I did bring my cricut as I have not used it since the day I got it. I am loving it for the portability to take it to crops. It is funny as crops now all consist of lots of cords. From cricuts, wish blades, sewing machines, laptops, portable printers. I never take much to crops as I like to buy as I go (I have bought tons at this crop) . They have done a great job with this crop and have a lot of unique items for sale.

Break is over...back to cropping!

They are selling all these vintage trims. I was in love! I am obsessed with ribbons and trims and could not resist all of these great finds. Some were a little pricey at $3.00 a yard but she said those are the ones that are almost 100 years old. They are breathtaking!

Vicki and Jan are todays teachers. Yesterdays classes Sarah Mabin taught.

Our Paper Pixie was back at it this morning.

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