Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We got in two vending machines for the crop room so we are busy trying to figure them out. :) But here is the stuff that I have unloaded so far.

Ok...got through one box. Will get throught the next one hopefully later today.

  • Lots of Bazzill paper
  • 6 perforated cutter bee (this is the one that when used with an ink pad looks like stitching. Stop by and I will show you how it works. )
  • 6 red soccer uniform jollee's
  • 4 spiral bound albums
  • 2 rock star 12x12 album
  • 3 cropadiles
  • 3 make your won monopoly games (great for digital photographers)
  • 6 New software from DSM This one is awesome. It is Cards, announcements and invitations.
  • 6 book binding tape
  • epoxy nebraska maps
  • 24 of the "Scrapbookers Sugar Daddy" shirts, they come bound in ribbon with a sugar daddy sucker! Great Christmas gift for hubby.

Will add more later

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