Monday, September 3, 2007

Sidewalk Sale Continued on September 8

Normally we are closed on Monday but we were doing our sidewalk sale. Today was the last day of it and we were only going to be open from 10-2. We had a store full of people from the time we got there at 9am until 5:30 when there was finally no one in the store and Liz and I hurried and closed as I needed to make it to Office Depot before 6. We got there but they were already closed. :( So we went to Michaels to use our coupon since we cannot use it at our own store. hee hee (we accept the Michael's 40% off coupons at Precious Treasures) Anyway I got the most beautiful jar at Michaels with my coupon. I will take a photo of it tomorrow once I have it filled. My husband and son brought over this wonderful cabinet I have had at my house to use for a window display today so I am hoping to use the jar in it. I first have to clean the store as with the 3 day sale it is trashed. We have four more 18 gallon rubbermaid totes of items we just found tonight that the guys did not get taken out of the suburban that we did not even get out as he brought them today. We will do another sidewalk sale next Saturday with our 10 year CELEBRATION! People loved all the bargains this weekend and one lady got three huge bags of items today and it only came to like twenty dollars! We are in a generous mood as we are so thankful to ALL of our customers for 10 wonderful years! You all are blessings to us! Thank You!

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