Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hooked on Clear Plastic!

Today was slow at the store as I think every one of our customers was in this weekend for the sale. :) It gave me time today to do some displays for the store. I worked a lot with the clear plastic and I am HOOKED! Stop by the store and see the things I have done with it. I also watched about 5 DIY Scrapbooking shows. If you are ever in scrapbooking we have a DVR and record all the shows and you can watch them while you are working.

On the way home I stopped at OSKI's ice cream parlor in Gretna to pick up a menu as I am working on a bunch of OSKI's scrapbook pages for a lady and there was a boy working there who must have been about 10 years old. It made me miss my daughter Ruth so much. Ruth is 8 and she had come to work with me every day over the summer and we had so much fun! She loved all the dress up items in the Diva Room and would dance around the store all the time. She did not want to go back to school this fall and wanted me to home school her. I think if Precious Treasures makes it for another 10 years Ruth will be the one who takes it over. My other daughter Liz whop works at the store on weekends wants to be a missionary and was talking over the weekend about moving to Africa. Liz has the biggest heart and love the Lord so much! I am very proud of her.

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