Saturday, November 24, 2007


We have a tradition with my friends, we always go Christmas shopping together on Black Friday. The first year we went together we got up early for all the sales and waited in lines. I was in line for a video game Paul wanted when he was little. It was an absolute nightmare. People were so cranky and I did not even get the game as they sold out. After we were done with the morning sales we went to Von Maur. It was not crowded as there were no sales. There was piano music playing and it was so relaxing. They wrap and ship your gifts for free and they hold your coat and bags for you. We have all went to breakfast and then to Von Maur every year since.

This year, after we were done some of us still wanted to keep shopping so we went to Village Point. They lit the tree that night and Santa, Frosty, Elves and the Grinch were all walking around Village Point. There was a lighted chariot that gave rides and it was a beautiful night. Later we went to see the move "Enchanted" with McDreamy from Grays Anatomy. It was an awesome movie! I got lots of Christmas presents done. All in all it was a wonderful day spent with wonderful friends.

Left to Right: Liz, Jackie, Hannah, Betty, Lindsay and Rosemary

Carriage Rides at Village Point

Resting our feet.

Tree lighting at Village Point

We had trouble getting Liz to come out of Von Maurs shoe room.

The girls are taking power naps.

So relaxing!

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