Thursday, April 24, 2008

IDEA: PHOTO BOOKS 4 x 6 and wallet HEAVY plastic sleeves found

I bought some very heavy duty sleeves that you slide the pictures into when we were at an antique store in Kansas City. I bought a bunch from them as I have never seen ones that heavy before. They make great key chains. wallet photo books and the bigger ones make excellent books for teething toddlers. They also make an 8x10 size which I did not get. We have sold almost all I bought in KC so my hunt has been getting more urgent as people are using the small ones for teacher, Sunday school, babysitter and graduation gifts.

See photo below for one of the ideas for them. You unhook the book ring at the top to slide in photos.

I have been hunting since February for a place I could get them and FINALLY found a distributor. They should be here by the end of next week. I am ordering tomorrow the wallet and 4x6 size. If you can think of a use for the 8x10 size let me know before I order as the minimum is high and since they really do not have anything else scrapbooking I will not be ordering very often from them.

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