Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I call Provo Craft DAILY and drive them crazy. I was given wrong information from the sales rep (Shari Valeti) who worked the CHA show we attended. She told me if I ordered we would get the first shipment. Needless to say when I seen other places having them online I was very upset. So I called to find out she was no longer working there. We have a new sales rep that I call oer and over and she never calls me back. I end up just getting through to customer service.

I have since started calling once a week and now up to calling daily. The first shipment went to those places that ordered 100 or more of each of the new ones which should have been stated when I ordered them. So we are in the next shipment. And todays update finally had GOOD NEWS! We are in shipping which they should go out today or latest tomorrow.

When I special order Cricut I do not order through Provo Craft. I order through distributors which is the reason shipping is so quick. But new products I have to go through the manufacturer as they are the first to get them. Needless to say I am not happy with the way Provo Craft has handled this. At our other store I ordered the Cricut machines and it was 2 YEARS later they finally became available. For the CHA summer I will let you know what the new ones are via email but will not be taking any pre-orders and will just order when our distributors get them as this has been a nightmare. I am so...... sorry.

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