Monday, April 21, 2008


Ruth is my daughter who if you have visited our famous bathroom there is a huge photo of her hanging in there. She loved being back at the store. She came to work all last summer with me and loved every minute of it. I also took her to the crop in Kansas City with me in February and she scrapbooked the whole time! We had a wonderful day and record sales for a Sunday.

We are trying to get sales up as rent is going up quite a bit starting in July. As the mall gets fuller, the rent will keep going up each July. fun fun! This is why the life expectancy of a scrapbook store is 2 years as paper is so inexpensive and it is hard to make it. We started our business in 1997 and have to sell on the internet and doing special orders for people all across the USA to survive in the scrapbook market. We love our location in Gretna and the love of scrapbooking has kept us going . We also have met so many wonderful people! Where we were in Elkhorn by the high school we did not get as much foot traffic although we had lots of great customers in Elkhorn who have followed us to Gretna. Thank you all for making our move a success. You all are blessings!

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