Thursday, April 17, 2008


I had put this in a posting awhile ago but have not heard anything back from anyone so I am hoping people are just contacting Vicki directly. Vicki is a scrapbook designer for many companies and has generously volunteered her time to do scrapbooking with women at the Lutheran Family Services in Fremont. These women may be abused, unemployed etc. They cannot afford to scrapbook their childrens memories. They are looking for all kinds of scrapbook supplies, and they do not need to be new. So I urge you to clean out your crop room and get rid of all those half used sheets of stickers, all those scraps of papers etc. You will feel better about cleaning out your crop room and also feel great sharing your love of scrapbooking with people who cannot afford it. I am sure if you even wanted to help Vicki with the classes she would take the help. You can drop them off in Fremont or drop them off at the store. If you want me to write you a receipt for the donation I can write up a list of what you gave them.

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