Sunday, December 14, 2008


We had our own little stake out at the store yesterday. Friday Hannah took a check fora purchase at the store for over $500.00 and Saturday morning I made the bank deposit only to find out the bank account the check was written off of was not even a valid account number. The check address matched the address on the drivers license so the drivers license was also fake.

After doing research on the internet I found the person in Iowa who had their identity stolen by this customer. God played a HUGE part in this as how I found out all that I did was unbelievable. I got a valid phone number for a cell phone from another state who was investigating Darla D. McGinnis and called it and talked to the lady and she said she would bring back all the merchandise yesterday which I missed the afternoon Christmas pageant production waiting around the store for. (needless to say I was not happy) So we are going to press charges and found out this lady is wanted in 14 states.

The way she does it is she moves to a town in an apartment, does not pay her rent and waits until the eviction process is just about complete and then writes all the fake checks on a shopping spree and move to the next place selling the stuff on ebay, craigs list etc. It is a sad life.

Why did she have to pick our store as we are a small family owned business so stealing over $500.00 is a HUGE hurt on us especially right before Christmas. :( Needless to say we are going to get a machine that turns checks into a debit card transaction and until then unless you are a regular customer we are not taking checks. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We have added American Express to our credit card acceptance.

Keep this lady in your prayers as a person like this only God can turn around. I can only imagine that she must be into drugs to be able to live life the wa she does.

Veronica was working on class projects and I was working on gifts for Christmas Pageant workers. Paul was bored and fell asleep on our little stake out and Veronica was teasing, saying I blogged the pictures of him sleeping at the garage sale also and that Paul sleeps around. LOL He was not feeling good as I think he has what we all were sick with last week.

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Vicki Chrisman said...

Wow , what an ordeal! I'm sorry you had to have that happen. I wish I could always have the attitude you do about these kinds of things. You are a good person Amy!