Thursday, December 18, 2008


I took Zacheus to Chicago as that was his Christmas gift. He had so much fun and he said it was the best Christmas present ever. It will be a trip he will remember the rest of his life. Below is a some of the pictures from the trip. I just downloaded them all and there were 594 pictures and that is after I deleted he bad ones. No wonder I am so far behind on my scrapbooks LOL
The bakeries are amazing in China Town. They decorate cakes with fresh fruit.

LOTS of snow!

This was probably a once in a lifetime sight. We seen a chinese funeral which if you look below past the guy in the coat there was a group of musiciams playing oriental music. There were carts of flowers and so many people. I was afraid to take pictures as I did not want to offend anyone but it is something we will remember all of our lives.

China Town

China Town

Dim Sum (YUM!)

Bubba Gump

Water room at the childrens museum

Childrens Museum

These were neat as they each had a different sound in them

Of course he had to have Chicago Pizza Giaradanno's is the BEST!

At the Science Museum

This submarine was huge and we got to go through all of the inside also.

This was really amazing to watch the assembly line to make a Gravitron Toy. The was at the Science Museum.

Lego Land

North Bridge Mall taking a "warm up" break.

Lego Land
Lego Land

A HUGE sundae

Christmas Village at the Hancock Building

FAO toy store animals They had sold a ton of these HUGE animals since I was there a few weeks ago.

See the lights on the windows on the right the 3rd floor down? Oprah is home!!!
View from the 94th floor

It snowed from the time we got up until the time we went to bed on Tuesday.

Zazcheus loved the Hershey factory machine.

Zacheus skating

Drinking cocoa while the Zamboni went out to clear the ice.
Very wet UGG boots. I even stuck the hair dryer in them and could not get them dry.

Zacheus skating.

FAO Schwarz window

Macy's on State streets decorations. I love State street more than Michigan Avenue.

The hotel lobby which is breathtaking.

The El train

Zacheus on the El train

Zacheus with his Gravitron toy.

I looked over and Zacheus had all these fruit roll up stars stuck all over his face. I asked him what he was doing and he said they were fruit roll up stickers and he was suppose to stick them to himself. He is ALL BOY!!!

We are home and Zach said it was the best Christmas ever. He also said I was the best mom in the world. I love to show my kids new things and new places. I grew up in the city and do not want them to live a sheltered life in Nebraska. I remember when I moved here I thought it was like a ghost town. Where were all the people? It is a lot safer here though as in the city you never would look at someone walking down the street and say hi. In the city you do not want to make eye contact when passing on the streets. You never wear jewelry etc. There are just so many differences but I think kids need to learn so if they move to the city or go to college in the city they know how to stay safe. Chicago is my favorite place in the world as I love Lake Michigan as you cannot see across it so it reminds me of the ocean. If I hit the lottery I will be blogging from my penthouse appartment in Chicago!

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