Sunday, December 28, 2008


I love spreading out Christmas as we get to spend more time with each family instead of just popping in for a small amount of time at each place. I loved this Christmas as we got to stay home and spend some time with our own family and later in the day got to go visit my aunt in Iowa who is not doing very well. It was a nice day. Saturday we went to my parents house in Fremont and had a wonderful dinner and watched movies. It was a lot of fun. The kids all got ipods fro grandma and grandpa so it was very quiet. :)

A Sugar Daddy for my Sugar Daddy!
I love cardinals as they always remind me of my grandma who I miss so much!

Ruth is such a goof!

Of couse Trevor would get a HUSKER blanket. I think he is their number one fan!

Liz's nickname fro grandpa was monkey so of course she got a monkey blanket

Zach loved his new ipod

My sister Trudy

My brother in law Mike looking at the scrapbook I made for them of their cruise. Check out his cool new hat! hee hee
My sister made us all these fleece blankets. Love 'em!!!

Christmas Exploded in the living room.

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