Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well I have been working like crazy and exhausted but wait till I am done. I am going back to the store after I get off work at The Chick Market to finish the trim but the basement is finally opened up. Weird why they closed it off? We did find some burnt rafters down there so there was a fire at one time. The building is over 100 years old and I would love to do all the history on it. Someday I also would like to own it. :) I need to buy more lottery tickets. LOL

We moved a lot out of the crop room to the basement and made it more roomy in the crop room. We have so needed more storage at the store and a place I can work on projects and store overstock and new inventory and it added another 2500 square feet! I am THRILLED!

We have the crop room booked friday through sunday next week for a private rental for a group that rents it regularly. I cannot wait for them to see it. I will not get to be there as I leave Friday for CHA! :) Dont miss out on the Main Street Bingo shop hop the 21-30th as we want our customers to win :)

My dad planning it out.

Isn't my dad awesome!

Got the walls finished I just need to go get trim tomorrow after work and finish it off. :)

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