Saturday, January 2, 2010


Ruths room had wallpaper that was so STUCK! It brought the drywall off with it and I even went and got a professional steamer. We had lots of patching and sanding we got it painted, put in all new woodwork and new bamboo laminate flooring. She is so happy that we cannot get her to come out of her room. I really like the laminate flooring especially as we are trying to house break Lacey and the girls like it to dance on. I have to paint her window trim and hang pictures and off to the next room. I will take more photos when I get it all complete.

Canvas circles I bought at Michaels, I apray painted them and then added vinyl letters to them. Take Veronica's vinyl class to learn to make the vinyl lettering for your home.

I love the handmade curtain!
Zacheus was a HUGE help! He is turning into quite the little man.

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