Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well an update on the Nebraska sex offender list.

I have a person I went to college with who is on the list. He downloaded a bunch of porn which so many men have. Well when you download images in swaps you never know what you are getting on the site he was on and he got convicted of receiving child porn as 5 of the photos were kids in bathing suits at the beach but they were mixed in with all the other porn. This was thirteen years ago. By the time it got through all the court system he ended up with 2 different charge and sentenced 5 years apart. So on the list it looks like two seperate convictions of receiving child pornography. And since it was over the internet it is federal court as they consider that crossing state lines. So....13 years ago....since that time, he has been through treatment for porn addiction and leads groups on helping other people with porn addiction for 10 years now.

Now the list is public...he is being tortured by people at work, there are posters up in his neighborhood, someone went door to door with fliers on him, they harass his wife and kids. He has been threatened to quit work. It made me cry hearing all that people are doing to them.
This is so wrong.

Another case is a guy who was urinating outside and someone turned him in. So he now is on the list as exposing himself.

And another example, a 18 year old dated a 16 year old and when he turned 19 the daughters dad filed charges against him because he did not like the boy. Now this man has a lifelong listing on the Nebraska sex offender list for rape.

This list is not a fair list as it does not show all the facts and what they have done since they were convicted. It is like punishing these people all over again. Not to say there are not people on the list we should stay away from. But before we judge someone we should have all the facts and this list is not giving them. It is unconstitutional.

Please go to the web site and show your support. They are raising funds to try to get the law changed. Also help fight porn on the internet all together. Laws need to be passed to get rid of all internet porn as it destroys marriages which I know from experience. It is happening more and more all the time.

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