Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello, Precious Treasures fans! This is Veronica, the Cricut instructor. So, I've spent the last week working on samples for my Cricut Vinyl Projects class, which is scheduled for Jan. 30 here at Precious Treasures in Fremont.
I love working with vinyl on my Cricut. The vinyl itself is actually very thin and easy to cut, it is the backing that is thick -- but most of the time you don't want to cut the backing anyway.
You can vinyl on so many things for so many reasons. The pictures are examples of what we will do in the class, but the final product will be slightly different since I like to make sure my students have unique projects that suit their own tastes.

First, this is a vinyl welcome sign adhered to my front door. This actually involves two layers of vinyl made to look like just one piece.

This is one of those inexpensive wooden frames from Michaels painted white and embellished with scrapbook paper and the word "love" cut in vinyl. Actually a pretty simple project -- the hardest part was adhering the paper to the frame.

And lastly, my favorite project of the class -- a glass candy jar that would be a great teacher's gift for Valentine's Day. The best part of this jar is that it is made from one of my husband's many, many empty olive jars! I painted the lid and added some ribbon. Then decorated it with vinyl.
Now, the actual glass jar we use in class may be different depending on how many students I have and how many olive jars hubby goes through between now and then :)
You can still get in on my class -- it is $25 per person and includes supplies. Please call the store to register, and email me with any questions at!

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