Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Lots of boxes came today. I am trying to get the stuff in the computer as fast as I can. I have had lots of time today as there was a terrible accident on the interstate and I came in at 9:30 and had to get a police officer let me in the mall parking lot. They closed the interstate. It is now 2:00 and people are still having to detour. Needless to say there is no one at the mall. Good day for cleaning. Here is what has come so far.

  • So diva, All about me journals. One came in with the inside cover a little bubbled and I just put it on the clearance rack. Better hurry!
  • BBQ card stock cuts
  • White brads, small and large (reorder)
  • Jumbo pink brads with while polka dots
  • AMM totes small and large
  • Jumbo Volleyball brads
  • Bug and dinosaur stickers (reorder)
  • Awesome Jumbo Military stickers from K and company
  • Bowling Eyelets (quicklets)
  • Green (Gretna) sticker letters
  • Stamps from Pebble Inc.
  • Huge Sticker order from Karen Foster came today. I cannot list them all. Things like adoption, Zoo, tap, jazz, prince and princess, music, softball, bbq, twins, new driver, pirates, track, petting zoo, prom and many more.
  • Wizard of Oz embellishments
  • Sea World and Disney embellishments
  • Lots of boy scout items, girls ones STILL back ordered
  • John Deere items and whoever asked for the John Deere riding mower, I found it.
  • Polar Blue paper from Basic Grey
  • So Diva Photo boxes, already sold three this morning.
  • More of the Texturizing books as we sold out the day we got them in.
  • Red leather albums 12*12

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