Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday's Storm

We started off today by going to church and when we came out of church it was like a steam bath outside today so I took the twins and Paul to see a movie. We went to see Underdog (which was a cute movie). Trevor worked at the store today and the digital printing is just about ready! We will even have a spot you can come and digitally scrapbook. It will be awesome!

We will have basic digital scrapbooking classes and advanced classes starting September 8. Come to our grand opening celebration to see what all is available and meet our teachers. They will be doing demonstrations. One of our digital teacher also teaches it at Metro Tech college. It will be much cheaper to take it at Precious Treasures!

Now to the interesting part of the day. When we came out of the movie there was a bad storm. I called Trevor at the store as they said it was hitting Gretna. Well he said he has never seen anything like it. The tree in front of the store broke off at the base of the trunk. He said he almost parked next to it today but then decided to park in back. God was watching out for him.
The roof was leaking again at the store and Trevor had to cover things and move things. Needless to say he had an interesting day! Even with all that going he said the store was busy all day. I think I owe him a movie or dinner for all he had to go through. :)

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