Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday..back to school sales at the mall

Today I did imprinting at the store and then spent the rest of the day with the kids getting things for back to school. JC Penneys is having 40% off their lowest clearance prices. I got my hubby the premium Docker pants that were $60.00 for only 17.99. I love a good sale! Limited Too and Justice is doing bonus Bucks and Gap had buy one get one half price on jeans. With 4 kids those back to school dollars have to sssttttrrrreeeettttcccccchhhhhhhhh! :) Oh the bummer thing of the day was Williams and Sonoma is gone from Oak View Mall. I loved that store.

Tonight my baby boy who is now 8 had his first football practice. Hubby and I did not agree on him playing as he is so little. Our older son at that age was about a foot taller and huge and now he is \ 6 foot 4 and wears a size 16 shoes so he was built for football. But Zacheus is so little that he could be just a quarterback or running back as he is fast. But you know the first time he gets hurt that hubby is in the dog house.

The team he is playing for is the Packers so all who know me know I must find a Green Bay Packers purse. So if you spot one anywhere let me know. My daughter Liz found a PINK green bay Jersey!

Well going to go work on my web page. I cannot wait to get to work tomorrow and see what new comes!

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