Saturday, August 18, 2007

New product today! Ribbons, lasers, 12 in photos, & embelishments.

Well today was quite a day. My daughter was out of town and we were so busy at the store. It reminded me how much I love and appreciate my daughter Liz.

I did get more product in and put out tonight when things slowed down.

Items that came in:

12" photos. These are perect in the cricut machines! These were the ones ordered at CHA and some we had custom made. We got in 22 new. Things like a light house, carousel, Chicago, diapers, and one of my favorites is the ice cream sundae. I already did a page with it tonight. Check it out at the store. We also got in more of the shotgun shell ones and camoflage. I just cannot keep those two in.

Laser cuts for military, these are 12 inch and very intricut. There is also one of Iwo Jima. And also a big Crab. Then there is 12 inch pages that are laser cut and I got in Bowling, Track and Field and also Gymnastics.

Tons of new ribbons we ordered at CHA. Over 300 rolls. We got in lots of embelishements and I love the new fish brads, they are adorable! There are boy scout ones, many other shapes too. We got in a new craft hammer that is heavier than the normal craft hammers. I have one and had been hunting for where to order them for quite awhile and found the maker of them at CHA.

We got in these all in one tools that are x-acto knives that interchange with a paper piercer, and embossing tools.

I probably missed a lot of things but I am old and tired. :) Stop by the store and check them out and bring your coupon!!!

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Vicki C said...

Tired maybe ...but not old!! You are a hip chick! lol