Thursday, August 9, 2007


Last night I spent the night at a hotel as my mother in law and my two nieces were in from out of town. Needless to say I got no sleep in a full size bed with a kids on each side of me sleeping. My nieces have gotten so big though, one is 4 and one is 7. Hubby took them all to the zoo yesterday and they had so much fun.

Today... well Kathy one of my sales reps was at the store all day going over MORE new product. I did not even get all the new product that came in yesterday put out yet and I got to Elkhorn today and there were 6 HUGE boxes that were delivered there. I will make a list of what is in them tomorrow as I need to get as much put out before "Diva Crop Night" saturday night! I do know one is all the Nebraska stuff I have had so many customers waiting for.

I am not going to make it up until the news tonight. Night all!

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