Saturday, April 12, 2008


We are just going to have an open crop Friday and Saturday, April 11-12. 10:00am - Midnight! Since we had a very last minute cancellation for a 2 day booking we are going to have a crop Friday and Saturday from 10-midnight and it will be free to try to fill the crop room back up. (meals not included) Crops are normally only $1.00 an hour and that goes to buying more supplies for the crop room for you to use. :)

It just keeps getting better! We had a group booking for this weekend that I just called them to see if they needed anything for their weekend crop which starts tomorrow and they just told me they were not having it now. We have never had this happen before so you can see how frustrating it is for us. We have had the whole crop room reserved for them and hired extra staff as it was suppose to be at least 12 people. They had been debating and when I talked with her on the phone last week she was still offered full credit if they did not want to book it but said they were still discussing it and would get back to me which they did not so we assumed they were still having it. Please be courteous and call us if you do book the room and change your plans as this costs us quite a bit to hire staff for birthday parties and events. We count on the sales from those events to make up for the costs. We do give credit on your deposit if given ample notice so if you have a change of plans please let us know so we can open the room for other groups.

If you sell Creative Memories or CTMH etc we are more than happy to have you hold your classes or crops here and best yet if you would like to hold your swap here as I would love to be in more of them too. :) I have lots of friends who sell Creative Memories and a few who sell CTMH and Stampin Up. I love many of their products also. :) I just love to see people scrapbooking and preserving their pictures for generations to come.

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