Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is a wonderful song that Dolly Parton did on American Idol last night. I have always loved Dolly as my grandma just loved her and every time I see Dolly I think of my grandma who I miss so very much! From this song I think Dolly is probably going to heaven so grandma will get to meet her. :)

If you have been in the store you know I am a big fan of all types of music and it just depends on my mood as to what we play during the day. My favorite music station is k-love 88.1. It always puts me in a great mood. I think we got our love of music from my dad as every birthday, christmas, holiday he always bought us something to do with music. I remember my 13th birthday getting this huge stereo system and the new Foreigner 4 album for birthday I was in heaven! I really like the old 60's soda fountain music. Probably as it always reminds me of my wonderful sister as she loved the show Happy Days and we would put on skits for my mom and dad and she was always Fonzie as she loved to say "AY". hee hee She also loves music and her record player was always going.

Remember the show Star Search and the Gong Show. Weren't those shows awesome? I LOVE the show American Idol and this year I picked Dave Cook the very first American Idol show this season and I still am hooked on him. I think he passed up Chris Daughtry as Dave has such a wide vocal range. He also shows lots of emotion when he sings. He is in the final 8 people now!! woo hoo!!

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