Friday, April 4, 2008


It is FINALLY suppose to be nice out today! I may see if I can get someone to come in and work and play hooky! :)

I went to Bargain Mart at our mall last night and it is really a great store. You should check it out. They sell all kinds of tools at awesome prices. They also have some toys, housewares and misc. You can't beat the prices! Grab it when you see it as they get in different items every day and never know what they are getting. So do not wait to buy they said.

Do you remember the old metal pedal cars? I had one at grandmas house when I was a kid was a fire engine. Well they have those metal pedal cars at Bargain Mart. They were $179.99-199.99 depending on model. I would love to buy one just to have for the grandkids someday but we are over our heads in doctor bills as usual. I hope whoever becomes president gets health care for everyone and lowers gas prices. Maybe I can ask for one for birthday! hee hee

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