Thursday, April 10, 2008


I bought an old Bingo game and it came today and I found a letter inside of the instruction sheets. It made me cry when I read it as all I could think of is my grandma as she had congestive heart failure and a stroke at the end and we had to put her in a nursing home and I know she had to very lonely there. Not a day goes by I do not think of her. If you grandma is alive today, call her and tell her you love her.
Above is a photo of the letter. I laminated it as the paper was so thin and fragile. I emailed the guy I bought the game from but have not heard back from him yet.
This is what it said.....

Last year if you remember well. A rhyme I wrote my age to tell- advise was good, hope you will admit-Since then I do now after sit and dream the weary hours away. For alone I must after stay. Another truth then comes to mind, the older you get the more you will find. Strength is not what it used to be-hearing is poor, you cannot see-heart grows weak-steps are slow. Can not go where you wish to go. Sit by the window day by day watch traffic go by your way. Cars a plenty, both old and new. Trucks, buses, bicycles too. Each on a mission I suppose. But what it is no one knows. Am just wondering as I sit here where will I be in another year. It may be here or spirit home. Wherever it is I will not be alone. Perhaps will be eternal sleep. If that is true no cause to weep. When loved ones leave us here alone, just get ready to follow them home. Will not be long at any note before I know my earthly fate. Sooner or later whatever it be my loving thoughts are still with thee. Friends of my youth, friends of today all must much the same way. So here it is to greet you year by year. May health and happiness be your deal is the wish of your friend…..Cora Steele

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the treasure within!