Tuesday, April 8, 2008


If you missed last falls Heartland Hop you do not want to miss the next one. I am even taking a day off and going to do it with a bunch of friends. I cannot win anything but I watched all those ladies having so much fun and I want to participate this time.

What is the Heartland Hop? When they become available you come to Precious Treasures at the Nebraska Crossing Mall just west of Omaha and purchase your punch card and bags are also available. (Last fall they were $5.00 for the cards, I have not received a price for this years but if they are more and you already reserved your card at Precious Treasures we will pay the difference) You then take that card to all the participating Omaha Gretna, Elkhorn, Lincoln scrapbook stores between July 25 and August 3 and each one has a make and take, and a discount for you. They will punch your card and when it is full you turn it back in to Precious Treasures for your name to be in a drawing for huge prizes. We also have a drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate for full cards purchased at our store. We also have a $25.00 gift certificate and also some other goodies we will drawing for cards with over half of the card punched. NOTE: We are the only store that does this drawing and it is just for cards purchased from Precious Treasures. We know many women work and cannot get to all the stores and want them to be able to participate and be in the drawing for prizes.

We have not received our cards yet and will be getting them closer to summer. Call or stop by to reserve yours. 402-763-9675. We will mail them to people if you are not able to get back to get it.

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