Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MORE GRADUATION PARTY IDEAS if you have ideas comment or email them to me to share with the group

1. A customer from Kansas was in today and she made quilts out of all of her kids sports/dance/school t-shirts. That is such a great idea.

2. I got another idea from a customer that she hangs up all their kids t-shirts from sports etc on a clothes line for the graduation party.

We get a lot of quilters in the scrapbook store as there is a nice quilting store in Gretna, Nebraska called "The Quilted Moose". If you quilt you have to check it out as they have such a huge selection of fabrics. We have the accucut dies you can use to cut your fabric to make quilts at the store if you want to come use them. Omaha Nebraska Scrapbook Supply Store

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