Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi Amy, love your blog and can't wait to see the new store. I'm coming next week for the Heartland Hop-took Monday off of work to do the Lincoln/Beatrice/Fremont part! Here is my idea for that beautiful window: I'm all about the photos-thats what inspires me to do scrapbooking, so how about using the window as a picture frame? How cool would that photo of the flag over the corn look blown up in there(did I mention I love photos?!). I don't know if you can blow photos up that big, but you could do 6 smaller ones too-change it out every month, even let you customers submit entries to go up in there if you get tired of doing it or get to busy! I can picture how cute it would be with 6 different photos of kids in their Easter get ups or back to school photos or their cute Halloween costumes! You could even fill it with pictures of people coming for the Heartland Hop! I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do with it! See you next week. Jill Nosal

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