Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi Amy- hope you are doing well. You do work too hard!! I will have to stop and check things out soon. Especially the crop room.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this last night and I think I even fell asleep thinking about it. You said that you wanted to use this window to announce your classes. Well - you do have a lot of wonderful stuff to look at in each section and I don't think that it would be too high to announce/display examples of the class projects. Maybe you could do one side class projects and the other side to display new embellishments, papers, etc. I think its location would be great and people at the check out could look up and see something that they "needed" and they would continue to shop!!

I will stop soon. You are great and so is your store!
Cathy Roberts

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amie said...

Hi Amy!
With your store memberships, do you ever do "customer of the week" or "customer of the month"
"layout of the month", "idea of the month", "project of the month"...etc??
This window would be a great place to Showcase this person.
Do a "member of the month" display, and display your member--or customers great creations.

Looking forward to returning to the store...Thanks for bringing this to Fremont!!
Amber LaMar