Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am off to CHA with Liz and Lindsay Friday and all three of us are taking full course loads of classes and training. We all take opposite classes and then teach each other what we learned. This CHA trade show is in Florida which I am not looking forward to going there during tourist season but we did find a Coach outlet and a Nordstroms Rack so I guess I will survive. :)

Remember to sign up on my facebook to see instant photos of the trade show. If you do not have a face book I will blog photos as time allows.

Each show I do something funky to my hair and seem to get a bit braver every year. I did all over pink highlights and even some pink bangs this time. You should see some of the people at the show, I am VERY tame compared to them. hee hee

This is the look I got from the kids when I got home.
Also this is me with no make up. (scary huh) hee hee

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Stephanie said...

Love the pink hair!!! Have fun in FL!