Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We had the kitchen update with new cabinet doors, sink, faucet and counters. They finished up today and it looks great. Still looking for a new stove and it will all be done. :) We did not get a lot unpacked today as they were working in the kitchen all day and it was very noisy. But we got a lot of sorting done on the sales floor. I went home at 5:30 today believe it or not. I was not feeling good all day but I worked from 8am to 10pm yesterday and turned my knee wrong and it was really causing me a lot of pain today. I need a whole new knee and they are just trying to control the pain until I can get time off for the surgery. Looking like October. LOL Liz calls me "peg" short for "peg leg". Isn't she sweet? LOL

We just had a little bar sink before and we got a heavy cast iron over sized double well sink which will be great for all of our messy projects as well as a lot of dishes. I am still debating on a dishwasher. :)
MarLena and I hid out in the back isle of the store and she sorted all the baby and children embellishments and I worked on sorting all the sports.

oooooh. I found a pink blender for those margaritas and a toaster in pink. Just wonder if they make pink microwaves????

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The Rambling Papercrafter said...

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