Saturday, July 4, 2009

HAPPY 4th OF JULY EVERYONE!!! (some new pictures at store)

Since it was a holiday I only worked till 7pm. LOL I am so anxious to get the store unpacked as I have to be ready for the scrap and craft garage sale that starts next weekend as well as the Heartland Hop. I am going to work morning till night tomorrow and hope to have the crop room ready for people to drop off their garage sale. If you have things to sell you can drop off all week. Just email for a number and include your name and phone number.

We got the lights above the cabinets done today as we were working on the security camera's and getting everything all wired. The lights look wonderful!

I wish I hated beer but grandpa gave me sips of his ever since I was little and I love it. I love the dark beers and everyone teases me as Guiness Beer does not screw off so I hunt for whatever I can find to open them. (Cropadiles work great) Well dads weed clippers did the trick today. LOL

Another light we got hooked up today.

More lights

These hand above the whole bar area. We put these in today. They add so much ambiance. Love em'.

Did this whole display today.

MY FAVORITE PICTURE!!! I took this right out on Military street in Fremont. I thought it was so beautiful how the flag flew right over the corn fields. It is so "Nebraska".

Daisy is PETRIFIED of fireworks! She has been a basket case. I have asked friends and they said there is something the vet can give them and next year I am getting it. I have always had bassett hounds and fireworks have never phased them.

My dad would have beat my butt if I did that when I was a kid. LOL j/k We got a kick out of him as he plopped down in his recliner with his tub of ice cream. (He is such a string bean too)

Fremont has flags starting when you turn off the highway and they go all through the town. I felt like the president driving through. hee hee :)


Vicki C said...

AMY for President!! lol
I know I feel wierd when I drive down it too. lol
love the lamps!!!
the idea of using a cropodile to open beer bottles!
Only you my friend.. only you! lol
Happy 4th!

Stephanie said...

Hi, Amy! I love the antique suitcases! They look great with the exposed brick! I love the new store!