Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are still working away on the store as there is so much to do yet. My mind is full of ideas and just putting them to reality is challenging sometimes. We hung c9 white Christmas lights in the store window and they are electronic and do all sorts of patterns but did not have enough to make it to the second window. I spent all day yesterday and checked Goodwills, thrift shops, Mangelsons and event went to the Tannenbaum shop in the Old Market and no luck and cannot even find them on E-bay! If you have any you would like to see please contact me at . They are the white frosted ones.

One of the Goodwills I stopped at had this huge Dahlia on the front counter. That is some Miracle Grow she uses!
Only in the Old Market do you see stuff like this. I love hanging out down there. I would love to get Fremont's downtown like this.

See the lights above going around the window? They looks awesome at night.
Found this PINK Hillary Clinton toilet brush yesterday in the Old Market and had to get it for the store. LOL

This AMAZED me as I put one plant in out front of the store but two different color flowers bloomed.

The flower box out front filled in nicely.

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