Monday, June 1, 2009


Thank you to everyone who helped today and shopped today. We have a lot less to move now. It has been hard to go but we are looking forward to the new store. We caught the management company changing two pages of our lease after we signed as they have been trying to make us pay higher cam charges which we did not sign our lease for. So since I disputed it and stated we did not have a valid lease since they changed it after we signed it, they found we were leaving at the end of June so to be mean about it they gave me a three day notice. My attorney has been working on this and said they could do that.

I kept waking up last night wondering if it was a bad dream as you know how full our store is. LOL Well God was watching out for me and we had 14 people help today and even a homeless man stopped by and asked if he could help. He stayed for a few hours and I fed him and gave home fifty dollars. He was so happy he was going to sleep by the Flying J and come back tomorrow to help. :)

Thank You to everyone who helped today! You are all such blessings. *HUGS*

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Bec Lennox said...

OOoh I feel for you. We just relocated our store too, so I know how much extra work there is than you first expect.

Best of luck for getting everything put back together!