Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are all working as fast as we can but there is just so much to do. We got a lot done today as all the lights are up in the front of the store and the countertops were made, just need laminate put on them which they are doing Tuesday. We found the cord to the juke box today and having our retro music playing got us all a lot more motivated and we made a HUGE dent in the boxes today. We are still going to have the garage sale but are going to let you drop stuff off now and we have decided to run it during the Heartland Hop as we have so many people through at that time. Starting tomorrow you can drop stuff off for the sale priced with your number. If you want to drop it in omaha email for a time and where to drop off. Also if you have not received a number email us with youfr name address and phone and we will email you back your number.

I LOVE the new counter as we are going to have barstools that you can just plop yourself up on relax and shoot the breeze with us. We have so many customers that have become great friends and when I started this business 12 years ago I started it as I seen the importance of friendships between women. Husbands need to see how important it is also as we vent about those hubbues to other women and then we are not venting to our own husbands. LOL I know I learned a lot about handling teenagers from a customer who vented about lots of trials with her teenagers. We learn lots through friendships.

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Jessica said...

What a great idea to have a spot to sit at the counter. Seriously, every time you post, I get a bit more excited to see the finished product...I just hope I can come see it before I leave for Louisiana in July! Maybe your cool new store will get me out scrapping more often.