Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My sister came to stay with me last night and I got up this morning and Ruthy had the worst tooth ache and we just went to our dentist without and appointment and by 9:30 the tooth was pulled. It was a permanent tooth so she had to rest today. So I did not go to Fremont. We all went to a movie and got pedicures and then came back to the condo and took a nap. It was MUCH needed.


Introduced my sister to happy hour at the Melting Pot

Pedicures felt soooooo.... goooooood.

These flowers were in the pots at Village Point. The yellow ones had purple middles and were so pretty. I have never seen ones like that. I found out the planter on the street at the new store is mine to fill which excited me and I am going to get up early tomorrow and hit Lanoha for some ideas.

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