Thursday, June 18, 2009


A huge thanks to everyone for the prayers. I left the hospital and headed to pick up prescriptions and headed right to the store. I am a bit slower moving but with the help of 9 angels that showed up today we are getting very close to opening. We will not have the crop room open but the store part is getting there. Thank you to everyone that helped today love you all! I am heading back tomorrow early in the morning and going to keep going until it is done.
Miss Vicki ( came to help today and brought some awesome fixtures and doing some beautiful displays.

Our new sign lettering came that my friend Jana did. She does the lettering at the Chick Market and it looks great. Nows just to get it into the frame and hung.

Another Craigs List find , this flower chandelier. My wonderful dad has been wiring all the chandeliers for me and testing them all to make sure they are safe as many are antique. They look great!

The flowers came from Lois, Amy and Rosemary for the store. They are beautiful, thank you!

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