Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am on the hunt for chndeliers. We need about 20 more. So if you have one in the garage or basement email and I will buy them from you. It does not matter the color or condition as I am painting them all black.

I am also looking for LOTS of scrapbook stickers of any kind to do a treatment on the floor. So do not throw out thos half used sticker sheets. If you want to put your name on one of the stickers with a sharpie you will be a permanent part of the store.

I found this old picture of downtown fremont on ebay!
The chandelier was over 100 years old and a Craigslist find. My awesome dad rewired all the chandeliers to make them safe for his favorite daughter. (don't tell my sister) LOL
This was a big brass chandelier a lady at a garage sale GAVE me. She was excited it was going to be used in our store and is going to come visit it. It was brass before.

This is a display above one of the cabinets. Lamp, Camera and a vintage scrapbook.

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Vicki C said...

AMY.. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED.. I can hardly stand it! I'll be giving you a call to see if there is something I can come help with this week. I'm dying to see the place. I just got home from the airport about 2 hours ago. TX was fun ..but I'm pooped. lol