Thursday, June 25, 2009


I left this morning at 7:30 am and home at 10:30 pm and can hardly move. We did a lot today!!! We decided to paint the door and trim on the building metallic gold as it was a dark teal (so un-diva-like) But we did not start until like 7:00pm and after taping, cleaning the wood and two coats of kilz we had time for one coat of gold and it is going to need a couple more. Lindsay and I are going in early to try to get it done and dry before customers come in.

Lindsay and Liz got the other archway painted pink today and we will get the lettering put on it tomorrow along with the border of records. I hung more of the scrapbook sayings around the store today and we got a lot more product out onto the sales floor. Every inch of my body aches tonight. LOL

Lindsays hair was full of paint. LOL but it does look like highlights. :)
All three of us were painting and mom was after me for climbing the ladder with my bad knee. It had to be done and once I put my mind to something I don't stop till it is done.

One of the girls had the idea we needed pink flamingo's out in front of the store in the street planter. Love it! What a hoot! I was at menards this morning getting paint and found them. I did not even know they still made them and purchased two sets off ebay last night. Oh well in our store I am sure they will be used somewhere. :)