Sunday, June 28, 2009


Saturdays are always Diva Days at Precious Treasures and it will continue in fremont, Nebraska. Great Music to sing along to, we dress up and have a lot of fun! We were pretty tame for our first Diva Day as we all are busily unpacking more product so we can get that crop room open. Hannah and Lindsay left for Mexico so I am really going to miss them but MarLena is coming in all week to help out. You will just love her as she is such a sweetie. She will be working more when Hannah, Lindsay and Liz go back to school in the fall.

The twins spent Saturday at the pool.

These are so cool. A customer brought them in as she was looking for framing tape. All those black lines are framint tape and I love the look as it looks so finished. I am going to try to order the tapes as she brought some in for me to try and it is very easy to use. (another one of those awesome scrapbookers who say they can't scrapbook) LOL and look at those fabulous pages. hee hee She is doing genology books and they must be 3 inches thick already and fabulous.

We got in over 1000 new Jolee's and Liz spent the day putting them all away. There are some new ones I just love like Animal Crackers and of course the new twins ones. :)

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