Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We laughed as these two feathers were on the floor.
Liz's graffiti (it did get covered up with paint)

Beautiful faux finish wall (hated to leave it as it came out awesome)

This was our check out counter which will be at the new store coming to the Elkhorn/Gretna area calle "Create".

Hannah and Zach moving. I actually hired Zach as he is a good worker so you will see him also at the Fremont store along with Hannah. Lindsay will also be back from Australia soon and working again. Toyja is from Gretna and Holly is from Bellevue and believe it or not they want to commute to Fremont and keep working at the store. They are all such blessings and I am soooo... thankful for them. Everyone has been ooohing and aaahin over the new store and we cannot wait to go set it up.

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