Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had an interesting day as the laminae got put in and I think we were all getting a buzz off the laminate glue and finally had to open the doors but it was so humid. The counter is done in the store but we still are going to replace the counters in the kitchen and crop room area.

We can finally see some floor and have the theme sections set up so we are making progress. A few of us are going today and staying all night in Fremont so we can work late.

We had lots of company yesterday! Linda and her hubby came from papillion, rosemary and her sister and mom came in and brought beautiful flowers for the store, Heidi came to visit and even my mom dropped by. It was a busy day. Everyone is in love with the store. I looked at this spot 2 years ago when we were moving it from Elkhorn. It is the coolest building. I signed a 5 year lease so we will be there for many years to come.

New counter and flowers from Rosemary, Lois and Amy.
Still hanging more lights. We have like three left and I am on the hunt again as
we need quite a few more chandeliers.

Lots of ribbon!

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