Friday, June 26, 2009


I could not sleep last night as I was worried the paint would not get dry on the front door before customers came in as I had to go recoat it again this morning. So at 5am I decided to just get up and head to Fremont. LOL I got it painted and had a fan for it to dry but it look like it is going to take another coat which I will do tomorrow. I got out voted by the girls on the metallic gold paint as I thought white trim but now that I see it done it is very "Diva" It is metallic with a clear glitter glaze over it so in the sun it is fabulous!

I think I sweat a gallon of sweat hanging the letters on the arch as the ceilings are 18 foot high and the ladder we are borrowing is wobly. I am sooooo.... afraid of heights! But I got them hung and Lindsay and Hannah hung the records. I am going to add crown molding on the top of the slat wall tomorrow and then the arch will be complete.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support and loyalty. We have loved hearing all of your ideas for the store also and working as hard as we can to get the crop room open as soon as possible.

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