Friday, December 21, 2007


I love Accu-Cut as you know. I try to support them as they are in Fremont Nebraska and I try to buy as many Nebraska products as possible. I am always looking for more uses for the dies. This morning I was making some quilted pads for our new puppies kennel. They are nothing fancy as I just used the crafting machine at the store. But my home machine is much better and I cannot wait to try this technique with it. I just cut a die cut out with tissue paper, pinned it on and then sewed around it. The tissue paper will just tear away and you are left with the shape. You can also cut shapes out of fabric and sew or iron them on. We have all the quilting shapes too as I love to make quilts with paper on pages but they are full size and you can cut your fabric out of them.

Top I just drew with the vanishing pens we sell and then sewed over it. The bottom was with a die cut, cut out of tissue paper. Sew areound it and tear away the tissue.

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