Wednesday, December 19, 2007


**********Photo is of Diva and her grandma. Isn't it the sweetest photo? I cannot wait to scrapbook it. ************

I took today off as I have to clean my house for Christmas and catch up on my mountain of laundry. I am so behind for Christmas. The store opened early this morning and will be open late tonight to help you get your Christmas shopping done. (new coupons on web site) I gave up on wrapping presents this year and went and bought gift bags instead of wrapping everything. Every year we are all involved in the Christmas Pageant at our church which starts being prepared in September. I always say I am going to get more organized for the holidays never happens.

We are all so excited as our new puppy comes home in 5 days! We all are anxious to meet her. Don't forget he has three more puppies and he could bring your family one for Christmas Eve also. See the post from a couple days ago as there are photos of the puppies left. The white one was one of the first to go and the people had a bad car accident and are not taking her now. She will be a little fur ball he said. They should only be about 5 pounds, don't shed and hypoallergenic.

We went to the Petsmart store last night. I have never been there, it is really nice. They even have a doggy hotel in there that the reception desk looks like one from a plush hotel. You have to see it. We just had gone to get puppy food. I have a friend that is knitting our puppy a sweater and hat. Isn't that sweet? What would we do without all of our good friends. I always say that my friends are my hand picked family.

Liz went back to school today. Thank goodness it was just a 24 hour bug she had. She at at some Taco place Sunday so we are wondering if she just got a touch of food poisoning? I think after the morning I had yesterday I needed a day off. We were so buys at the store yesterday also and then left work last night and ran errands. My feet hurt so bad that they still hurt when I got up this morning. (I am getting old)

I better get busy, this will be my only day off until Chirstmas. I will just be praying the kids do not mess up the house too bad before the Holiday.

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